Design Guidelines



Fundamental to the concept of development at Hamby place is quality in planning, design and craftsmanship. The following guidelines provide the basis for a common understanding of the design objectives and standards by all those involved in creating this community and most importantly by the present and future residents. This list represents some of the more common requests for property improvements. They are not intended to be all inclusive, but rather, a guide by which a high quality community can be planned, designed, built and maintained.

1. There is one approved fence: Woodplank. The ARC reserves the right to determine the height of the fence based upon topography of a specific lot. Corner lots may be more restricted with regards to the fence location. Submit plans for approval.

2. Play equipment must be located where it will have minimal visual impact on adjacent properties and streets. Submit plans for approval.

3. Painting of any house must be approved PRIOR to being done. Please submit color schedule of colors prior to purchasing paint.

4. No vehicles are to be parked on sidewalks, curbs or any grassy areas.

5. No boat shall be stored in driveway yard or street.

6. Basketball goals must be mounted on freestanding black metal poles and have standard white, gray or clear backboards. Goals should be located in side or rear yards and oriented for minimal visual impact from the street. Submit plans for approval.

7. Portable basketball goals must be stored when not in use. Storage must provide minimal visual impact.

8. Animal house exterior colors and materials must relate to the exterior of the house. The structure should be completely screened from any view from surrounding properties and roads and discreetly located so as to not cause a nuisance to neighbors. Submit plans for approval. “Dog runs” are not allowed.

  1. 9. . Yard sculpture must be submitted for review.

10. All mailboxes must conform to Hamby Place design. Box and wood post.

11. Woodpiles shall be located in the rear yard and should have a minimal visual impact

12. Tarps covering a woodpile are allowed only if the woodpile is completely screened from view and is earth tone in color.

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