August 4, 2015 Minutes

Hamby Place HOA Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:20 p.m. by President Jon Willyard

Members Present:

Jon WillyardAlieyh Cotton

Carissa NelsonDusty Whitten

Others Present:

Deanna RussellBrian Pound

Michael RobertsonLinda Justen

Jerry CadeAl Cade

Nancy Wesselmann Kevin Nelson

Homeowner Concerns

  • Michael expressed concerns with:
    • Aggressive letters from board
      • Board apologizes, letters were sent quickly and inefficiently; this has been corrected for our future letters
    • No introduction of new board members
      • We will be sending a quarterly newsletter for better communication
      • Idea—care package for new homeowners when they move into neighborhood, introducing HOA
    • How can we complain about flowers/bushes etc when front area is not being taken care of?
      • This is being currently looked into by the board; we plan on improving care to the front area in the future
  • Jerry doesn’t know board members
    • Board members introduce themselves
    • Do you have to be a homeowner to be on the board?
      • Yes
    • Suggests that information be better passed on to new board members in the future
      • Board agrees
    • Can we take care of parking on the streets in the neighborhood?
      • As far as the board knows, we can suggest but not enforce parking on the streets
      • This is currently being discussed with lawyers to see what we can do/enforce
    • We are currently reviewing rules for commercial vehicles—must be fair and consistent
  • Brian does not agree with being picky fining homes when the following is going on in front—
    • Playground is dangerous; should have at least 6 inches of mulch, loose parts of equipment, screws on ground, cedar can rot with contact to ground
      • Board will discuss removing playground, and look into cost of replacing playground for next season
        • Liability issues if we do not have a commercial playground
    • Common area weeds are bad around playground, curb, tennis areas
    • Common area not being well taken care of
      • Board is looking to get this issue taken care of
  • Can we paint front of fence in neighborhood, change color from white?
    • Board will choose a couple colors for homeowners to vote on for next annual meeting
  • Michael wants to know how monies are being spent; can homeowners be informed?
    • Board shows bank statements
    • Board is currently reorganizing and getting past problems taken care of; we will be presenting annual budget at the end of the year
  • How to contact the board?
    • Email via
      • You can click link on website to contact us
      • We check email daily, will get back to you as soon as possible
      • We will update Cades’ email address for our records
  • Discussion of modifications to homes—
    • Michael Robertson informs board he is replacing garage door but design won’t change
    • Brian Pound presents to board the following:
      • Building permits, picture of inspection sticker
      • Plans for garage
        • Side entrance door
        • Insulated wall
        • Not changing garage doors, electricity; can be converted back to a garage
      • Conversation with building inspector
      • Photographs of progress
  • Community clean up discussed
  • Nancy Wesselmann voices concern with speeding in neighborhood
    • Suggests possibility of speed bumps
    • Another possibility is digital speed sign
    • Letters to homeowners—in the board’s next newsletter, speeding in neighborhood will be addressed

Unfinished Business

  • Our in house accountant, Deanna, provided the board with financial reports
    • Collections have increased by 80%
    • Owed to association that are not currently in collections: $2,078
      • Overdue account plans discussed
  • Brian Pound has updated board with plans for garage
    • Jon motions to approve plans as a temporary variance
      • Building should be converted back to a garage upon sale of the home
        • Vote: unanimous in favor
        • Motion carried
    • No fines will be assessed to Mr. Pound
  • Carissa motions to approve replacement of garage doors for Michael Robertson
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
  • Front and common area maintenance discussed
  • Dusty motions to send 30 day notice to cancel contract with Gene Justen for common area maintenance
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
      • Expecting one more estimate, and board will vote on decision for a new vendor for lawn maintenance within 2 weeks.
  • New set up of security cameras is in the process of being completed
  • Tennis court door has been repaired
  • Plumbing in bathrooms has been repaired
    • Bathrooms are now both open
      • Urinal needs to be repaired in men’s restroom

New Business

  • Follow-up walkthoughs will be completed at the end of the week, and fines will be assessed
  • Next quarterly newsletter will include reminder and statement of dues
    • Will be mailed one week before October 1st
  • Plans for pool party discussed
    • Board will provide meat (hamburgers, hot dogs), buns, condiments, soda, juices, water
    • Board will provide for the children: pool toys, bubbles, volleyball
    • Homeowners can bring a side item to share
    • Invitations will be sent out to homeowners via mailer and email
  • Alieyh motions Jon be reimbursed to make copies of keys for pool room for all board members
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
  • Jon will reach out to ProGuard for closing dates and procedures
  • Date for next meeting: Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 at 7:15 p.m.

Meeting closed at 9:30

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