July 17th, 2015 Minutes

Hamby Place HOA Board Meeting

July 17th, 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:35 p.m. by President Jon Willyard

Members Present:

Jon Willyard Alieyh Cotton

Carissa Nelson Dusty Whitten

Others Present:

Deanna Russell

  • Board unanimously votes on board positions
    • President: Jon Willyard
    • Vice President: Alieyh Cotton
    • Secretary: Carissa Nelson
    • Treasurer: Dusty Whitten

Unfinished Business

  • Our in house accountant, Deanna, provided the board with the following:
    • Inputs/Outputs from HOA account via QuickBooks
    • Bank statement for month of July
    • Homeowners currently in collections with Rome and Associates
      • 2 accounts paid in full
      • 3 accounts currently in collections
    • Balances owed by all homeowners
    • Profit and Loss statement for period of January 1- July 17, 2015
  • Homeowners with overdue HOA accounts have been contacted by letter and email
    • Overdue accounts should contact board by July 25th to avoid collections with Rome and Associates
    • Another reminder letter will go to those who have not contacted board—will be sent out on July 23rd
  • Dusty got estimate for repair of front gate at tennis court
    • Contacted three companies, wait was at least 4 months for most
    • Marietta Fence Company can do the repair in two weeks for $400.00
  • Dusty motions that we use Marietta Fence Company to complete repair, pending a written estimate from the company
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
  • Board reviewed website launched by Jon
  • Alieyh motions Jon be reimbursed $79.99 to pay for website
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
  • Are we getting charged by Rome and Associates or all correspondence?
    • Deanna will contact Rome and Associates to check on this
  • Board reviewed all vendor contracts
    • Gene Justen—front lawn maintenance
    • Proguard—pool maintenance
    • Shawn Hatt—IT and security cameras
    • Comcast—phone and internet service at pool
      • All vendor contracts will remain in place at this time
  • Jon motions that Brian Pound halts all processes on changing the structure of his home until a meeting in person with board. Board must verify permits, have blueprints and visual plans.
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
      • If no compliance, board will not approve plans and fines will be accessed retroactively
        • Board will request garage be returned to its original state
      • Letter will be sent out to Mr. Pound Monday, July 20th, by certified mail
  • Jon will contact Rome and Associates to check on status with Tim Murphy

New Business

  • Board reviewed newsletter that will be mailed out to homeowners this week, the following will be added before sending out:
    • New board members and positions
    • Dates for next board meetings—first Tuesday monthly at 7:15 p.m.
    • Accomplishments of the board
      • Launched website, cleaned/opened tennis and basketball court, open communication with homeowners
  • Walk through is completed for violations, violation letters will be sent out Monday, July 20th   
    • Due to first violation notes being unprofessional, we will restart the violation process
  • Board reviewed property lines at the entry of subdivision: http://www.cobbgis.org:81/CobbSLPublic/Viewer.html?Viewer=CobbPublicMap
    • We determined the tree line is common area, and should be mowed by Gene Justen when mowing front common area of neighborhood
  • Dusty motions that we pay Gene Justen’s bill of $80.24 for repair of shower gasket in pool area
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
  • Carissa motions to approve Jeremiah Vincent, 4755 Travistock, for window replacement
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
  • Michael Robertson, 1928 Hamby Place, is asking for approval to replace garage doors
    • Board must have plan for doors before approving
  • Date for next meeting: Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 7:15 p.m.

Meeting closed at 9:55

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