June 15th, 2015 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 6:45 p.m. by President Linda Justen

Members Present:

Linda JustenDusty Whitten

Carissa NelsonJon Williard

Others Present:

Deanna Williard

  • Board unanimously votes to add two new board members:
    • Jon Williard as member at large
    • Juan Bernal as member at large: renter so does not have ability to vote

Unfinished Business

  • Violations
    • 4794 Windrush for child at playground unattended
    • 47 Windrush for child at playground unattended and 15 year old at pool unattended with friends
    • 1807 Baynard: 2 umbrellas need to be replaced
    • 1924 Hamby: child at playground unattended and 2 umbrellas need to be replaced
  • We need to run check on gates; some access cards are not working
  • Rome and Associates will now handle collections with Tim for the four homes that he went after without board permission
    • We will keep effective collections with Rome and Associates for all homeowners owing over $360 in dues/fees
  • Linda motions that Dusty will pick up part to replace part on toilet and get reimbursed $20
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
      • We will look at replacing toilet next year
  • Linda motions to get Atlanta Locksmith out to reweld and repair door on tennis court
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
      • Linda will be calling Atlanta Locksmith out to reweld
  • Board looks at and discusses another management company: All-In-One
    • $695 for full services
    • No postage/copies/envelopes etc included
  • Board unanimously approves Shawn Hatt to receive $966 from insurance fund for labor and installation of cameras

New Business

  • Board decides to bring management of HOA in house for 90 day trial period
  • Site Key/Union Bank account is closed as of Friday, June 12, 2015
  • Tim has refunded $212.50 as of today
    • Has not refunded legal fees, stamp fees, or excessive accounting fees which were not approved by board
  • New duties for in house HOA management
    • Web host: Jon Williard
    • Swipe card key activator: Dusty Witten
    • Accountant: Deanna Williard
    • 2 board members responsible for accounts payable: Linda Justen and Dusty Witten
    • Walkthroughs: Linda Justen and Alieyh Cotton
      • Other board members may help/sub on monthly basis
    • Rome and Associates/collections liaison: Linda Justen
    • Juan Bernal will be speaking to Spanish speaking families on behalf of the board

  • Letter will be sent out to let homeowners know that books are being brought back in house, send dues to front
    • Will still be receiving quarterly dues
    • Still locked out of pool/tennis if 10 days overdue
  • Bank we will be using
    • Linda will look into fees at Bank of America for business account
    • Deanna will look into credit unions
      • Board will decide via email which banking to use by the end of the week
  • Board unanimously approves Linda to buy ink cartridge for printer, paper, envelopes, and stamps.
  • Board unanimously approves Deanna to buy address labels.
  • Board unanimously approves $3.95 to come out of bank account per month for swipe card access system.
    • Dusty will set up withdrawals from account
  • Carissa will put in new addresses for neighborhood emailing list
  • Board unanimously agrees to tell Rome and Associates to move forward with collections that they already have on file.
  • Date for next meeting: Monday, June 29, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting closed at 8:00

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