November 10, 2015 Minutes

Hamby Place HOA Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:22 p.m. by President Jon Willyard

Members Present:

Jon Willyard Alieyh Cotton

Carissa Nelson Dusty Whitten

Michael Robinson-Legion

Others Present:

Deanna Willyard

Clayton Romero

Jerry Bottoms

Unfinished Business

  • Board reviewed financials
    • Received balances of accounts in checking and reserve accounts
      • Dusty will move $5,000 from checking account into savings/reserve account
  • Newsletter will be sent out at the beginning of December

New Business

  • Deanna went over the rough draft of budget for 2016
    • Board needs to think about long term repairs that need to be made  next year
      • New mulch for playground, playground repair, men’s urinal
        • We will do some research on cost and report at next meeting
  • We should be under budget at the end of this year
    • No more management or accounting fees being paid
  • Next year board will begin putting a percentage of income into reserves for long term repair of amenities
  • Annual meeting agenda discussed
    • Board reviewed parliamentary procedures (Robert’s Rules)
    • Discussed having Rome & Associates at annual meeting
      • Board decided against this due to cost
    • Dusty will review budget
    • Voting procedure for new board members
      • Board will clarify rules on this before annual meeting
    • Board will discuss with new homeowners increasing social events for 2016
    • Carissa will get agenda for annual meeting amended, and send to Alieyh for newsletter
  • Plan for proxy votes
    • Must have 25% of homeowners present or turn in proxy for quorum to be established
    • We will first mail and email proxy form to homeowners, and then ask for proxies in person
  • Nomination form for new board members will be sent with proxy form
    • Can send in to 4791 Windrush or bring to annual meeting
  • Carissa motions to add Clayton Romero on as member at large
    • Motion carried
  • Michael motions to add Geraldine Cade on as member at large
    • Motion failed
  • Christmas decorations
    • There will be a friendly neighborhood competition for best home decorations
      • Information will be given in December newsletter
    • Michael will be in charge of decorating the front of the neighborhood with the help of other board members
  • Carissa motions to approve $200 for purchase of decorations
    • Motion carried

Meeting closed at 9:25

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