October 6, 2015 Minutes

Hamby Place HOA Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:38 p.m. by President Jon Willyard

Members Present:

Jon Willyard Alieyh Cotton

Carissa Nelson Michael Robinson-Legion

Others Present:

Deanna Willyard

Clayton and Stephanie Romero

Unfinished Business

  • Board reviewed financials

    • Balance sheet as of 10/6/15 was provided
    • Profit and Loss statement was provided for second half of the year

      • Will be combined with first half of the year for ending budget
    • Pool services have been paid, minus cost of closing

      • This is our last big expense for the year
    • A/R aging summary as of 10/6/15 was provided
  • Michael motions to move $5,000 from checking account into savings/reserve account

    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
  • Board reviewed walkthrough process

    • Spreadsheet has been created to centralize contact information for violation notices and fines

New Business

  • Hearings regarding fines scheduled for those requested 
  • Board reviewed covenants and bylaws regarding owner maintenance responsibility and fines
  • Agenda discussed for Annual Meeting

    • Tentatively scheduled for January 5th, pending availability of meeting space
  • Board discussed increasing social events in the neighborhood
  • Alieyh motions to approve $100 budget for Trunk or Treat supplies

    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
  • Board will look into bulk dumpster for spring clean-up next year
  • Carissa will weed area at front entrance
  • Clayton and Stephanie Romero are interested in volunteering for the neighborhood, and Clayton is interested in joining the board

Meeting closed at 9:20

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