September 1, 2015 Minutes

Hamby Place HOA Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:22 p.m. by President Jon Willyard

Members Present:

Jon Willyard Alieyh Cotton

Carissa Nelson Dusty Whitten

Others Present:

Deanna Russell Linda Justen

Michael Robinson-Legion Kevin Nelson

Shen Zhou Gerry Cade

Jerry Bottoms Enoch (1918 Hamby Place)

Homeowner Concerns

  • Shen Zhou:
    • Violations and fines are only being sent to his renters, not him as a homeowner
    • Board has gotten new address for records and will discuss waiving fees
  • Enoch:
    • Why cited for mailbox?
      • Same one that has always been up
    • Board had already decided that there would be no fine after first violation was sent
      • How come on letter was sent after email?
        • Board took no further action; any questions please contact board via website email
    • Are dues going up?
      • No—this has never been discussed or suggested by the board
    • Is playground being taken down?
      • Not at this time
      • Board is looking into liability issues but has not discussed removing playground at this time
    • Drinking at pool should not be allowed
      • At this time, there is not a rule in the written and signed pool rules saying no drinking
        • No glass bottles
      • This can be discussed and voted on at the next annual meeting
  • Linda Justen:
    • Why did you get rid of the party supplies?
      • A pipe had burst and the supplies were wet
    • Are security cameras working at the pool?
      • Yes
  • How did pipes burst?
    • Pool was low; we filled up the pool and Proguard came out the next day
    • Water was hot so had burst the pipe
    • Proguard and health department came out and cleared pool for use; chlorinated pool
  • Jerry Bottoms:
    • Not happy with Proguard’s service
      • Suggested board should hire someone to service pool but we buy and apply chemicals
      • This can be discussed before next pool season
    • Also suggests changing rules to not allow drinking at pool
  • Gerry Cade:
    • Where are letters saying she is clear of charges?
      • Will be sent out next week
    • Why are we using out of house vendors?
      • We have been advised by multiple management companies and lawyers to use outside vendors for two reasons
        • Conflict of interest for neighborhood; not professional
        • Need to use a company that is licensed and insured
    • Parking situation?
      • We can’t legally do anything at this time; public roads
      • We have checked into this with Rome & Associates
  • Adrien:
    • Wants modification to home
      • 1892 Hamby; fence to cover trash can
      • Board asks that he send in modification request
  • Michael Robinson-Legion would like to join board
  • Gerry Cade interested in joining board
  • Shawn Hatt:
    • Assured that he is not responsible any longer for anything being removed from storeroom
    • Suggested we have some way to cool and some way to heat the room to protect equipment
    • Explained situation with cameras and billing
      • Explained all work completed and payments made
      • Believes he is still owed $462.90 for bill sent in July; worked with Door King and online system
        • Has only been partially paid
    • Jon reached out with phone number to speak with Shawn after last invoice was sent
    • Board has been in transition period so did not have note and was not clear of what charges were for
    • Board asks that Shawn send an invoice and record of past payment so we have on record what is owed
  • Last announcement from board to homeowners:
    • If you need to contact the board please do so by email

Unfinished Business

  • Board reviewed financials
    • Balance sheet as of 9/1/15 was provided
    • Collections are up
    • Outstanding balance owed for landscaping
    • Will check into Shawn Hatt’s invoice pending information being sent to board
  • Lawn Service
    • Gene has been given 30 day notice contract will end September 10
    • As of September 10, board will change lawn services for common area
  • Jon motions to bring Garden’s Edge on for landscaping
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
      • $200 per visit includes:
      • Mowing, Edging, Sting trimming, Blowing of property, and Weeding as needed around flower beds and tennis court
  • Board went over walkthrough process
    • We will create an excel spreadsheet to centralize contact information for violation notices and fines
  • Dusty motions to waive fees for Shen Zhou since violation notices were sent to incorrect address
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried

New Business

  • Next walkthroughs will be completed the week of September 14th
  • Pool party September 12th
    • Carissa will get food and beverages
    • Alieyh will get toys for the children: pool toys, bubbles, volleyball
    • Homeowners can bring a side item to share
    • Invitations sent out this week
  • Next newsletter
    • Reminder of dues
    • Reminder to please slow down in the neighborhood
    • Be aware of parking; board has had a lot of neighbor complaints
    • Due to major improvements in the front of the neighborhood, fall cleanup is not necessary and canceled
  • Dusty motions to bring Michael Robinson-Legion on board
    • Vote: unanimous in favor
    • Motion carried
  • Next meeting, board will create a shared database for homeowner contact information (addresses and emails) to improve communication issues with homeowners

Meeting closed at 9:45

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