Annual Meeting 2016 Feb 2nd Quorum 

Meeting called to order @ 7:15 p.m. by president Jon Willyard

Quorum established with twelve homeowners present and eighteen proxy votes

  • Jon went over parliamentary procedures for the meeting
  • Introduction of board members
    • Jon Willyard—President
    • Alieyh Cotton—Vice President
    • Carissa Nelson—Secretary
    • Dusty Whitten—Treasurer
    • Michael Robinson—Member at large
    • Clayton Romero—Member at large
  • What is the purpose of the homeowners association?
    • To follow covenants and bylaws written by the association
    • To keep home values up
    • To make the neighborhood a worthwhile place to live
  • Homeowner motions to approve 2016 budget
    • Question: Did we recoup part of the money from former management company?
      • Yes, that was shown in the budget
    • Question: What did we recoup from attorney fees?
      • That is shown in budget as well; those in collections that have not paid have been put on payment plans, so that is future income not shown yet on budget
    • Question: Why is there $0 extra for income (in addition to regular dues) in the 2016 year? Are we not expecting payments to come in?
      • We are expecting payments from those in collections, but cannot allocate those funds because it is not guaranteed money
  • Motion carried: 2016 budget approved
  • Homeowner motions to keep board members and officers for 2016
    • Motion carried

Floor opened for questions from homeowners

  • Can we do anything about fireworks?
    • HOA has no control after that; it is up to Cobb County laws
    • If after hours, call authorities
  • Can we have a telephone number to be reached? Not all homeowners have email
    • Board will plan on having a universal phone number using Google Voice
      • Number will be put on website and mailed in newsletter
      • You can leave a voicemail and board member will get back to you

Meeting closed at 7:55 p.m.

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