April 12, 2016 Minutes

Hamby Place HOA Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:20 p.m. by President Jon Willyard

Members Present:

Jon WillyardAlieyh Cotton

Carissa NelsonDusty Whitten

Clayton Romero

Unfinished Business

  • Board reviewed financials
    • Received balances of accounts in checking and reserve accounts
      • Dusty will wait to move funds into savings due to cost of playground and pool maintenance
    • Collections discussed
      • Attorney fees and list of homeowners sent to collections will be sent to board
    • Telephone/Internet cost needs to be lowered
      • Jon will look into lowering cost of internet
  • Amenities agreement final copy presented and discussed
    • Carissa motions to approve the amenities agreement
      • Motion carried
    • Agreement will be sent to homeowners to sign and then a copy will go to renters/tenants of homes so they are aware of expectations
  • Pool will be opening Memorial Day weekend
  • Alieyh motions to approve new signage for pool/playground/tennis area, plus a placard
    • Signage will cost $330.23+tax/shipping
    • Motion carried
  • Dusty has contacted company to get quote for repair of gate/door on tennis court, waiting for call back
  • After looking at cost of lounge chairs, board will take inventory at pool and make final decision on what to buy as far as pool furniture
  • Board will hold off on replacing padding around basketball goal

New Business

  • Trash cans in grill area need to be emptied
    • Board will take care of emptying into large trash cans for now and then check into pool company doing it for the summer
  • Walk through process will be changed to save time on mailing violations and make the process more effective
    • Form letter has been made
    • No longer need board approval to send violations
    • Send board copies of all violations via shared drive
  • Spring cleanout for neighborhood—large dumpster will be provided
    • Dusty motions to approve $500 for cost of dumpster
      • Motion carried
  • Pool party for grand opening: Memorial Day weekend
  • Next walkthroughs scheduled
  • Violation process discussed
    • Board agrees that trailers will be permitted if in good condition and allows cars to park in driveway
    • Board agrees that work vehicles will be permitted if in good condition and allows cars to park in driveway
  • Board went over newsletter for July

Meeting closed at 9:40

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