Hamby Place Parking Communication 8/9/2016

The Hamby Place Homeowners Association, Inc.

4791 Windrush Lane, Acworth, GA, 30102



"IMPORTANT - Hamby Place Parking Communication"

August 9, 2016

Dear Hamby Place Community,

We hope this letter finds you and your family well.

Under the prior leadership work vehicles and trailers were strictly prohibited from the community.  However, the current administration has listened to the feedback from our neighbors and has relaxed this practice.  The board does not have a problem with work vehicles being parked in the community as long as the guidelines below are followed:

  • Trailers and work vehicles are in good condition
  • Allows motorized vehicles to park in designated areas of the garage or driveway
  • And do not obstruct the sidewalk

Over the past several months we have received numerous inquires regarding vehicles obstructing the sidewalks and/or parking curbside and the dangers it poses to our entire community.  Particularly the impeding danger it poses to the children walking to and from the school bus.  As previously communicated in the Summer 2016 Newsletter, we are refining the process for violations regarding these issues.  As promised details will continue to be communicated via the website, community mailings and our next quarterly Newsletter.  

Implementation and enforcement will not begin until October 2016.

After receiving legal counsel from our HOA attorney we were advised of the following:

  • Section 6.04 of the covenants provides that the official parking area is the garage, and that other areas may only be used if the owners have more vehicles than parking spaces in the garage.
  • Paragraph 4 of the Design Guidelines state that “No vehicles are to be parked on sidewalks, curbs or any grassy areas.”  
  • Putting the two above provisions together, they seem to say that owners first have to utilize the parking spaces in their garage (which also implies they can’t use the garage for storage to the extent it blocks any of the spaces) and once the garage is fully utilized the owner can use the driveway.

Per our bylaws and attorneys review, the board only recognizes the garage and driveway as approved parking areas. 

Please be aware that we strive to be transparent in all that we do.  To stay abreast of what’s going on in the Hamby Place Community please refer to http://hambyplace.com/ under the Hamby Place HOA tab to view minutes from board meetings and also look forward to receiving the quarterly Newsletter via the United States Postal Service.  Our ultimate goal is to maintain an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood while maintaining or increasing property values and treating each homeowner/resident with dignity and respect.  We welcome homeowner feedback, constructive criticism and recommendations.  Thank you for partnering with us to make our community better.

We appreciate you bringing this safety issue to our attention.


Hamby Place Homeowners Association

Please note: The above is in accordance with the Covenants and By-laws of the Hamby Place Homeowners Association, Inc. section 6.4, Board Meeting minutes dated 4/12/2016 (trailers and work vehicles are permitted if in good condition and allows motorized vehicles to park in designated areas of the garage or driveway), email from our HOA attorney dated 5/2/2016, all documents excluding the internal email are posted on http://hambyplace.com/

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