March 1, 2016 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:22 p.m. by President Jon Willyard

Members Present:

Jon Willyard Alieyh Cotton

Carissa Nelson Dusty Whitten

Michael Robinson-Legion Clayton Romero

Others Present:

Deanna Willyard

Stephanie Romero

Nancy Wesselman

Unfinished Business

  • Board reviewed financials
    • Received balances of accounts in checking and reserve accounts
      • Dusty will move $8,000 to savings in order to accrue more interest
    • Collections discussed
      • Clayton motions to send homeowners owing over $360 to Rome & Associates for collections
        • Motion carried
  • Playground options review: should we repair or replace?
    • Due to expense, board will stick with mulch that is currently on playground but add at least 3 inches
    • Three choices for replacement equipment—full commercial, residential, or hybrid between
    • Current quotes/estimates:
      • Full commercial estimate smaller size: $9,500
        • Does not include installation or removal of current equipment
        • Cost to remove current equipment approximately   $250-400
      • Residential equipment estimate: $1,942 (floor demo price)
        • Does not include installation or removal of current equipment
        • Will not do a warranty as this equipment is made for backyard use, not neighborhood use
      • Hybrid quote from Brian Pound, LLC: $4,743 including installation and staining of wood
        • Includes removal of current equipment
        • 10 year warranty
      • Hybrid quote from Swing Time Outdoors: $5,912 including installation
        • Does not include removal of current equipment
    • Clayton motions to go with Brian Pound, LLC
      • Motion carried
    • Board will use Brian Pound, LLC to replace playground pending contract, written warranty, and verification of business information

New Business

  • Pool/Tennis Court
    • New signage for pool rules is needed
    • Other signage replacement/updating?
      • Board will look into pricing and come to an agreement at next board meeting
    • Pad on basketball goal need to be replaced
    • Inventory of pool area needs to be completed for chairs and umbrellas
      • Board will complete inventory for numbers and then look into pricing
      • Board will bring quotes to next meeting for discussion
  • Better communication needed for board without sending to personal emails
    • GoDaddy hosts Hamby Place domain but does not give email service, only allows email forwarding
  • Google Apps will provide email/document storage/phone number for $5 per person per month
    • Centralized storage of information, can transfer easily from one address to another
    • Word processing, excel—30 gigabytes of storage
    • Calendar, contact database
    • Centralized contact list for whole group so changes are visible to all of us
    • Google Voice—homeowners will have a phone number to contact
    • More collaboration
    • Clayton will train board on how to use services
  • Carissa motions to use Google Apps
    • Motion carried
  • Walk around schedule completed through April
  • March Newsletter
    • Playground upgrade
    • Reminder to close door to tennis/bball area
      • Board will begin enforcing fines
    • No riding bikes in tennis/bball area
    • Easter social event: Saturday March 26th 1:00-3:00
  • Carissa motions to approve $150 for supplies of Easter social event
    • Motion carried

Meeting closed at 9:45

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