August 3, 2017

Members in attendance:

Matt Deuire                                                         

Nicole Brownlee

Jeraldine Cade

Dusty Whitten

Nancy Wesselmann

Caroline Colbert

Stephanie Romero


Meeting called to order

Old Business


Mrs. Cade can no longer do the walk around inspections due to class schedule.  

Walk arounds will now be split into two.  Done on the 1st and 15th


Projector – Association is looking into either the rental of a video projector or the acquisition of one.  

Mrs. Cade will check local retailers and narrow down the best option.  


Fix leak in pool room.  Bill stated to Stephanie that he will have the part Friday (August 4, 2017).

Leak was previously fixed; however, someone allowed their child to break it.   Looking into where the child resides in order to submit them the bill for reimbursement.


Activation of Quickbooks®

Contact Dan- the accountant to have this done


Door King quote

$3700 to have its own circuit or $2200 to piggy back off the one we already have.  Unsure if this can be done with the system we currently have.

If a violation occurs at the pool or the basketball courts, then both amenities will be shut down.  Keys will be obsolete.   


Fix Sink in bathroom, needs to be caulked


Fence in the front

  • Obtain a quote from Bryan to have him stain the fence to match the playground set.


Tree removal

  • Nancy will cut down the trees
  • Matt will obtain a quote to have the tree stump removed
  • Board will have the tree and limbs removed
  • Move the “non-soliciting” sign to a more visible location.  


Back HOA dues

  • Look into placing liens on the houses that owe large sums of HOA dues and fees.
  • Contact Dan to check on the house that currently has $2,000 in back dues.


Get the subdivision added to online bill pay

  • Contact Dan- accountant
  • Try to go paperless: get email addresses

New Business


Electricity in the pool room

  • Put a timer on the pool pump
  • $175 to put the timer on the pool and save up to 40% off the electric bill
  • Mrs. Cade motioned to have the timer install
  • Nicole second
  • All was in favor for the timer
  • Motion passed
  • Stephanie contacted the pool company on the spot after the motion was passed and the timer is set to be installed



  • Matt to contact Comcast® to check on cheaper prices for internet services and to fix the phone line
  • Nancy motioned to terminate the internet
  • Motioned tabled

Door King

  • Matt to call Door King to get more keys


Keeping the pool open until September

  • To keep the pool open until the end of September will cost $498.00
  • Stephanie motioned to keep the pool open
  • Nancy seconded
  • Motioned passed
  • Every year there will be a vote to keep the pool open until the end of September


Amenities violation

  • A crack down on violations will began
  • Fine will be issued
  • Amenities agreement is considered the first warning


Meeting Closed

September meeting will be held at the pool house

Thursday, September 7, 2017 @ 7:00pm

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