December 7, 2017

Members in attendance:

Stephanie Romero

Nicole Brownlee


Caroline Colbert

Nancy Wesselmann

Mrs. Cade






Meeting called to order



Old Business





Starting January 2018 no vehicles to be parked on the street


All mobile homes, campers, and/or boats must be stored out of public view (garage/driveway). They cannot be parked in the street.


Enforcing of all covenant.





Neighborhood rental cap. 

-          50% of all violations belong to renters

-          Although the motion for a renters cap was passed in November, issued was revisited.  May just strictly enforce the bylaws and covenant to improve community   






New Business


Annual Meeting shall be set for January 9 at Summit Baptist Church (see if the space is available)


Get proxy forms sent out






Prepare and Send out newsletters




Follow up with the accountant regarding delinquent accounts and their status




Annual meeting agenda

-          Expanding the swipe keys to the basketball courts

-          Purchasing a lawnmower to cut the common area ourselves to save 8K a year. 

-          Replace all tow signs, all no soliciting signs, dues are due sign

-          Looking for a new pool servicing company

-          Vote for community dues discount at meeting





Continuing the $30 discount if dues are paid in full

-          Maybe extending the due date




Nicole motioned to spend $100 for Christmas decorations for next year

-          Motion passed




Welcome baskets to all new homeowners

- include new pool/ basketball keys

- amenity agreements

- community covenants/bylaws



8:14 pm

Meeting Closed


January meeting will be held at Summit Baptist Church

Tuesday January 9 @ 7:00pm

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