January 9th Minutes Hamby Place Annual Meeting 2017

Hamby Place Annual Meeting 2017

January 9th Minutes

Meeting called to order @ 7:05 p.m. by president Jon Willyard

Quorum was established with 30 homeowners total—11 homeowners present and 19 proxies

  • Introduction of board members
    • Jon Willyard—President
    • Alieyh Cotton—current Vice President, but will be stepping down
    • Carissa Nelson—Secretary
    • Nancy Wesselmann—Treasurer
    • Stephanie Romero—Member at large
    • Matthew Deuire—Member at large
  • Jon went over parliamentary procedures for the meeting
  • Board is currently looking for a new accountant
  • Board is currently looking for a new pool company for 2017 due to cost and quality of service
    • Currently on a month-to-month contract
  • Question: How do members get onto the board?
    • Show interest in board, come to meetings, volunteer
    • Board then votes on new members at board meetings
  • Question: What more can we do to keep the neighborhood clean?
    • If a home is not following bylaws it is addressed by the board, but we can’t discuss specific homeowners with the rest of the neighborhood
    • Parking has been address by the board—we are communicating with homeowners but are not enforcing parking legally as a board
    • If you see safety issues with parking, please contact authorities
  • Financial Review
    • Update of profit/loss statement
    • Checking account is currently at $3,066
    • Savings account is currently at $18,987
    • In statements sent out today (1/9/17), these did not reflect payments made in January
    • If payment comes in by January 10th there will be NO late fee
  • Description of procedure and cost for fence repairs
  • Reviewed budget from 2016
  • Showed planned budget for 2017
    • Budget for 2017 is approved
  • Board members are approved
    • Board does need a new Vice President

Meeting closed at 7:41 p.m.

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