March 2, 2017 Minutes

Hamby Place HOA Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President Jon Willyard

Members Present:

Jon Willyard Stephanie Romero

Carissa Nelson Nancy Wesselmann

Matthew Deuire

Others Present:

Jeraline Cade

Nicole Brownlee

JD Ortega w/No Mold Atlanta

Dwight Henderson w/No Mold Atlanta

Bill Dotson w/Crystal Line Pool Service

Unfinished Business

  • Pool room remodel suggestions from No Mold Atlanta
  • Men’s/women’s bathroom
    • Remove paneling, replace halfway up with durarock, tile
    • The rest of way up replace with drywall/plastic
      • Both will be priced out
    • Floor: polished concrete, non-slick surface
    • Remove and replace ceiling
    • Check to make sure drain pipes on floor are clear
    • Women’s restroom—
      • One toilet removed and changing table added
      • Remove divider
      • Replace light fixtures, remove electrical outlet
      • Make sure wall sink is up to condition/replace if necessary; no vanity needed
    • Men’s restroom—
      • Replace light fixtures, remove electrical outlet
      • Make sure sink is up to condition/replace if necessary
      • Remove current urinal and replace with new urinal
      • Leave divider
    • Check outlets
    • Plumbing check/repair, make sure plumbing is insulated properly
      • New valves for winterizing
  • Remove sink, cap line, seal wall where sink was
  • Shower repair
    • Automatic shutoff, valve to cut off on inside of lady’s restroom
    • Level concrete at shower area
    • Make sure it drains properly
  • Drip edge on roof line has a gap, beginning to rot
    • Remove 80-90% and put on proper roof line to prevent rotting
  • Corner of pool house wood rotting, needs to be replaced
  • Some wood/siding around bottom of pool house needs to be replaced
  • Paint bathrooms and trim
  • Paint outside of pool house
  • Replace water fountain
  • 5-foot room in breezeway for electrical equipment so it is not with the pool equipment with ventilation, a/c unit
    • This may not be completed due to budget
  • In neighborhood of $13,000, estimate with breakdown will be sent to board
  • Contractors will need one month to complete repairs
  • Electrical repairs
    • All lighting/wiring needs to be replaced and will cost over $1,000 to be repaired for lighting up the front sign
    • Stephanie and Matt will look into solar lighting at a lower cost
  • Basketball goal will be repaired by Matt and Jon over the weekend

New Business

  • Printer has been delivered
  • Board will look into structure for shade
  • Pool quote is coming from Bill at Crystal Line
    • Will be approximately $450 a month + chemicals
    • $125 for opening and closing
  • Nancy motions that space be rented to a homeowner for trailer
    • Motion not carried
  • Carissa motions to give two weeks to give storage for trailer
    • Motion carried
  • Jeraline Cade is interested in Vice President position and Nicole Brownlee is interested in becoming a member at large
    • Will attend the next two meetings and board will vote in May
  • Next board meeting will be Thursday April 13th at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting closed at 8:07 p.m.

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