May 4, 2017

meeting start 7:03

Members Present 

   Jon Willyard

   Stephanie Romero

Nancy Wassermann (via phone)

Other people present

 Jeraline Cade

Nicole Brownlee

old business:

vote members on 

Jon motion vote to bring them on, Nancy Second the vote 

vote approved 

   Nicole Brownlee 

    Jeraline Cade

contractor work progress pool house:

    shower, paint inside and out, tile all done storage room is built, still needs electricity

toilets and urinal need to be installed

floors need to be finished

sinks need to be installed

wheelchair bars to be installed

Entrance lights and Fence: electrician is trying to get up here asap and will look at the entrance lights. looking into the fence sanding and will give us a quote, will also get a quote from Brian Pound

Court lock change: wait on the change until the pool is opened

                      Nancy will take on the task of distributing the keys


Check on pool gate spring

Pool open needs:  5/27/17

    Bill, Crystaline Pools, May 10th start shocking the pool 

    must pass health inspection, inspection has been paid for 

    must have a hardwired functioning phone

   need to set up chairs, clean up the area weekend of may 20th

The camper needs to be removed from the property email to be sent from Hamby Board

New business

Look into a community board, 

more communication, news letter sent out

Walk Arounds and Amenity agreements add a line for an email address for future communication

       change: no smoking within the fence at the pool

checks need to be cut for contractors

Review of Board Duties:


June 1 is the next meeting, location TBD


meeting closed 7:52pm 

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