Meeing Minutes July 6 2017 7:06

 meeting opened Members present Matt Deuire Jeraldine Cade Nancy Wesselmann Stephanie Romero Others present Dusty whitten Caroline Colbert 

Old business Stephanie to be added to bank account set for July 12 

Need 3rd quote from door king on moving the 2nd swipe key Dusty to call 

Technology move Sunday 9th phase 1 

New business Reactivate quick books Motion to activate for 1 month motion Nancy Second Matt Vote Approved 

Vote to add Dusty and Caroline as members at large Motion Nancy Second Matt Vote approved Vote to approve 

Stephanie as president Motion Nancy Second Dusty vote approved 

Vote to approve Mrs. Cade as VP Motion Nancy Second Dusty Vote approved 

Nicole for secretary Motion Nancy Second Matt Vote approved 

Caroline and Dusty to be added to email 

Contractor to be called men's bathroom sink is falling off as well as quote on fence staining and old concrete pick up Stephanie to call 

Call pool company to ask about keeping pool opened later. 

 Fix leak in pool room 

 Quote on fixing fill pipe 

 Stephanie Ms Cade to look into rental or purchase of projector and blow up screen 

Matt to call landscapers about trees and limb 

Thursday August 3 is the next meeting 

Meeting ended 7:54

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