November 9th 2017

Members in attendance:

Stephanie Romero

Nicole Brownlee


Caroline Colbert

Nancy Wesselmann


Meeting called to order

Old Business


Review of financials

No outstanding bills


Requesting new Towing signs; any car parked over 24 hours without board approval will be towed.  

Beginning January 2018 per the covenant, no cars are to be parked on the street.  

All mobile homes, campers, and/or boats must be stored out of public view (garage/driveway).  They cannot be parked in the street.



Pursue a neighborhood rental cap.  

  • Find the percentage of renter vs owners
  • What percentage of renters vs owners are late on dues
  • Current renters will be Grandfathered in
  • Dusty motioned to set the rental cap to 20 homes
  • Motion passed; Cap set 20 if rental cap is pursued.  

New Business


Annual Meeting shall be set for January 9 at Summit Baptist Church (see if the space is available)

Get proxy forms sent out


Look for a new pool company for the 2018 season

7:45 pm

Meeting Closed

Decembers meeting will be held at the pool house

Thursday, December 7, 2017 @ 7:00pm

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