October 5, 2017 minutes

Members Present

Stephanie, Jeraldine, Nancy. Dusty, Matt, Caroline

Called to Order at 7:11pm

Financials: Checking: $5217.16

     Savings: $5489.33

$650 is going out to finish paying for the fence

$645 to be paid for pool closing

Old Business:

  • Fall Festival: bounce house and concessions are reserved.

Invites need to be printed, stuffed and delivered, going to place a sign up front too. Activity ideas: Face painting, tattoos, apple bobbing, and crafts.

  • Stephanie contacted Dan in regard to changing bylaws, no answer yet

New Business

  • Bylaws to look into chaning: Capping number of renters to 10%, need to get majority of homeowner votes. Will follow up with Rome as far as cost and procedure.
  • Suggestion of renting out parking spaces at the common area for campers and trailers and make the rest of the trailers/campers/work trucks leave. No decision was made, we will discuss at a later date
  • Want to make an email list for future events ie- community parties, proxy forms, news letters and amenity agreements.
  • Rome and Associates need permission to pursue legal action against a home owner with significant overdue balances. $591 to start legal proceedings that will be reimbursed.  It was approved by all members.
    • Stephanie to contact Rome and Associates with this decision also a request to pursue another home owner with significant outstanding balances.
    • There are 5 other homes that have outstanding balances of over a year and Dan will send out letters to them to try to work out payment plans.

Next Meeting TBD

Meeting Closed 8:01pm

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