Thursday June 8 2017

meeting start 7:05

Members Present 

   Jon Willyard

   Stephanie Romero

Nancy Wasselmann 

Matthew Deuier

 Jeraline Cade

Nicole Brownlee

old business:

vote members on 

Jon motion vote to bring them on, Nancy Second the vote 

vote approved 

   Nicole Brownlee 

    Jeraline Cade

Fence and Hammy Place sign to be stained the color of the playground. We need 2 more quotes

Pool is being taken care of every day until the issues is resolved.

Walk Arounds will be on the 1st and 15th of each month

Second board member to be added onto the bank account

New business

Jon will be stepping down as president as of July 1, new president to be voted in at next meeting.

need to contact homeowners about renters using common area trash.

Stephanie to be added to the bank account. Carissa will be removed.

HOA Duties discussed as part of the transition with Jon stepping down as President. 

July 6 is the next meeting, location TBD


meeting closed 8:05pm

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