January Minutes - Annual Meeting

Members in attendance: January Annual Meeting

Stephanie Romero

Beal – Guest

Nancy Wesselmann

Ardis - Guest

Caroline Colbert

Matthew – Guest


Meeting called to order

New Business

Voted on Landscape

  • Nancy motioned for $150/Week
  • Caroline Seconded

Unanimous yes/ passed

Review need to pool company

Budget review

  • Voted: anticipating lower expenses w/landscaper, pool company; internet
  • Stephanie motioned
  • Caroline seconded
  • Unanimous yes/ passed

Caroline is going to call Comcast to renegotiate a cheaper internet package

Basketball Court gate

Option 1: swipe card

Option 2: new turn keys

Motion by Nancy for option 2

Caroline seconded

Unanimous yes/ passed

Suggestions to deter nocturnal activities with chain across parking lot.

New signage painted yellow

Amenities agreement will go out mid-March.  Early enough to give residents a chance to return it.  Get new keys and guaranteed pool use as soon as it is open.  

Parking on the street enforcement ideas


  • Easter egg Hunt
  • Fall Festival / Trunk or Treat

Old Business

Rental Cap

  • No longer an option; may revisit later


  • Edging sidewalks: add to walk around violations


Meeting Closed

Next meeting is TBD and will be held at the pool house

Thursday, TBD @ 7:00pm

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